Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy Bitsurge?

You can signup for an account and buy Bitsurge with Pura HERE.

How can I buy PURA?

Pura is listed on different coinexchanges for example or

Do I have to make a KYC for Bitsurge?

Yes. Before you are able to payout you have to fulfill minimum KYC requirements at the Avalon Life backoffice (ID and Address).

How does Bitsurge work?

You can buy Bitsurge Token with Pura for a price of 40 USD per piece. The token lifecycle is 90 days. In that 90 days you get your daily rewards with min. 7% Token rewards per month guaranteed. After 90 days the Token is burned and you get your initial investment in USD back on your PURA wallet and can decide to buy another Token or cashout.

Can I payout the Token rewards?

Yes, token rewards can be cashed out whenever you want with a min. amount of 20 USD.

Can I payout the Bitsurge Token before the end of 90 days?

No, the token is based on blockchain-technology. The lifecycle starts and ends automatically and it is not possible to manipulate this cycle.

How does Bitsurge gain the Token rewards?

Bitsurge is a Team of Blochchain-Experts and most of the members are in that industry for years. We are using the funds to allocate high-tech projects around blockchain-technology in order to gain rewards and help that industry to grow.

Do I have to pay taxes from the Token Rewards?

Please check that issue with your local tax consultants. Generally we want to point out that we recommend every customer to fulfill local tax regulations to avoid prosecution.

Who is the team behind Bitsurge?

The Team of Bitsurge is constituted of worldwide leading experts in blockchain-technology all over the world. Our goal is to help this industry to mass adoption and help people all over the world to get an opportunity of passive income to gain more personal independence.

Is there a minimum amount to buy?

The minimum amount starts with 1 Bitsurge Token of 40 USD.

Is there a maximum amount to buy?

Generally there is no maximum amount, if you plan to invest more than 1 Mil USD, please contact us – we have tailored models for institutional investors.