Title: Captain Awesome (aka Captain Awesome...)
Ivan started programming on a commodore 64 when he was 10. Since then he has been head of his own and other technology startups for the past 30 years. He is an amazing team leader and knows how to get it done. Favorite quote from: ``If I can explain how and why we do what we do then I am not doing what I do well.``


Title: Currency Curator (aka the FinTech Shark)
Ahmed is a master of FinTech. Arbitrage, commodity pairs, regulation, compliance, no job is too big for him. Starting in the banking sector he is happy to call Crypto his new home. Favorite quote from Ahmed: ``The day that all money is decentralized and has no home is the day that we all become financially equal.``


Title: Head of geek translation services (aka the KeyMaster)
Carlos lives and breathes code typically doing so with a massive headset and the lights turned off in his office. Favorite quote from Carlos: ``I write code to protect our myself and my family from those that threaten our freedom in a newly decentralized world. If only one line at a time, every line helps.``


Title: Wizard Herder (aka. Devinator 3000)
When not acting as the chief of product development Yegor is also responsible for making sure the devs are fed and take at least two showers per week. Favorite quote from Bobby: ``Sometimes at 3am when everyone has fallen asleep at their desks I like to play marching music to motivate the troops. This usually results in Red Bull cans and Protein Bars being thrown at me but... I just can't help myself.``


Title: Marketing Goddess (aka the Truth)
Prisha writes press releases, understands social trends, and most importantly has a smile that will make you smile right back. Favorite quote from Prisha: ``Positive energy attracts more positive energy.``


Title: Captain of Customer Happiness (aka Mr. Niceguy)
Julian hails from customer service and loves helping people. We would be lost without his infinite patience. Favorite quote from Julian: ``If I can't explain how and why we do what we do then I am not doing what I do well.``